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The 1960 BSA Gold Star

The BSA Gold Star was one of the most successful motorcycles of all time, both in the showroom & on the track. It's ancient design was outdated almost at its inception & yet it thundered on through history, taking on all comers. Light, strong, powerful & bulletproof, the "Goldie" gained a loyal following over the decades. When it was finally retired in 1963, nothing ever sold as well or did as well at the track. The Gold Star, as it turned out, was BSA Motorcycles' seminal & most successful model & the one they became known for. The 1960 BSA Gold Star above is our mad machine for the day.

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The San Antonio River Walk - Texas

The San Antonio River Walk - Texas Twenty feet below street level and steps from the famed Alamo, the Paseo del Rio, better known as the River Walk, awaits you. Aside the meandering San Antonio River, stone pathways connect shops, restaurants, hotels and museums with a blend of historic and modern architecture that resonates the depth of this centuries-old metropolis. Among these walkways, commerce meets culture with the sounds of mariachis serenading diners and river taxis carrying guests across the spring-fed river that has attracted people to this region for centuries. Soon the River Walk will extend from two to thirteen miles, connecting many of San Antonio s prestigious museums and historic districts with beautifully preserved 18th century, Spanish Colonial missions.Available...

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MAD Max's First Ride!

On January 1, 2017, Lifetime Motorcycling Achievement Award winners Gin Shear & Sue Slate aka Rock Star, Bad-Assed, Motorcycle Aunties, gave my 14 year old son, Max, one of the greatest gifts in his life; their time, their knowledge, their training and the introduction to life on two-wheels.

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