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ROL66 </br>Rides of a Lifetime Road Trip Map </br>ROL Route 66 - MAD Maps

Rides of a Lifetime Road Trip Map
ROL Route 66

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Rides of a Lifetime: Historic Route 66
2016 Edition

Often labeled the Mother Road, Route 66 is the ribbon of asphalt that connects a nation and embodies America's love for the open road. It's a legendary road that inspired movies, songs . . . and countless road trips. Route 66 is more than just a highway, it's a literal and metaphoric journey through the heart and soul of America.

Route 66 gained one of its nicknames, “the Main Street of America, because it cut through the center of countless small towns along its serpentine, 2,400-mile length. The restored version takes you through many of the same beloved places, where you'll find historic stops, neon-adorned motels and roadside burger joints just as they were in the 1950s; it's as if time has stood still on many sections of Route 66. Along the way, you'll discover that it's also the people who bring the magic to your trip, for it's in their stories and the stories you share that you'll find the true soul of Route 66.

Although many parts of the original route have changed, the spirit of this great road is still alive and kickin. So, pack your camera and a sense of adventure. You truly are about to take a Ride of a Lifetime: a journey through the heart and soul of America.

All the best Route 66 attractions are here: Bunyan's Statue; Cozy Dog Drive-In; Big Blue Whale of Catoosa; Arcadia Round Barn; Route 66 Museum; Phillips 66 Restored Gas Station; Cadillac Ranch; Wigwam Motel; and so much more.

Are you ready for this Ride of a Lifetime?

MAD Maps are different as they feature:
* Color-coded routes with inter-connectable trip options
* Water-and tear-resistant paper
* The Great Outdoors: national and state parks
* Roadside Attractions: places to stop and see
* Roadhouses: places to get a bite to eat while out touring
* Visitor Information
* Turn-by-Turn Directions

(NOTE: All routes feature paved roads; however, some roads may not be ideal for RVers, dependent upon your level of expertise and rig size.)