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ROLPC </br>Rides of a Lifetime Road Trip Map </br>ROL Pacific Coast - MAD Maps

Rides of a Lifetime Road Trip Map
ROL Pacific Coast

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Rides of a Lifetime: Pacific Coast
2016 Edition

If ever you were looking for a tour that captured the true essence of a road trip a trip of many miles, with a vast enough variety of terrain, traffic, wind and weather to give you that sweet feeling of mojo, mastery and masochism that is the exclusive domain of long-haul road trippers then this is the road trip for you. This one has it all: wild, rugged coastline; steaming rainforests and towering redwoods; windswept alpine heights; rolling hills covered with golden grass; and enough civilization to keep things interesting.

Anchoring the beginning, middle and end of this road trip are some of the most lively, fun and downright eclectic cities in the country. And in all those places in between, there's no shortage of beautiful, sleepy, lost-in-the-mists-of-time small towns and villages that make touring the back roads worth every extra mile.

So, start your trip with a strong cup of joe in one of Seattle's almost numberless coffee shops, then finish your journey in San Diego as you watch a sunset. Behind you will be 3,300 miles worth of the best kind of memories created by your Ride of a Lifetime.

Are you ready for this Ride of a Lifetime?

MAD Maps are different as they feature:
* Color-coded routes with inter-connectable trip options
* Water-and tear-resistant paper
* The Great Outdoors: national and state parks
* Roadside Attractions: places to stop and see
* Roadhouses: places to get a bite to eat while out touring
* Visitor Information
* Turn-by-Turn Directions

(NOTE: All routes feature paved roads; however, some roads may not be ideal for RVers, dependent upon your level of expertise and rig size.)